Shauan Brennan - Complete destruction by attorney


We hired Shauna Brennan in January 2013.

She maintained that she would destroy my husband and take everything away from him.

She lied and told us to lie to the court.

I was on medications and emotionally distraught since my husband filed for divorce on January 8th-took me by surprise.

Shauna Brennan convinced us to file suit in business court-and we lied to the court-many times-as she did.

ALL these lies were eventually exposed.

She advised us to not advertise my weight loss clinic - this led to its eventual collapse-as any business would.

Then Brennan convinced us to send threatening letters to Dr. Anthony-owner of Soza clinic.

He (being a multimillionaire) sued us-and got a judgment from which we are now hiding.

Brennan also told me to fax my diploma to people-who then exposed it to the world. It seems in retrospect that everything Shauna told us to do was to create MORE chaos so she could bill us overtime.

We had an agreement to pay $6500 a month, however most bills were closer to $20,000 a month.

When we tried to fire her-she threatened to destroy us and get a TRO on us.

She's a liar and never cared about us-just her bills.

We found out from an attorney JN that she loses most of her cases, also no attorney respects her. She lies in court-everybody including the judges know it.

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You didn't research this attorney before you hired her?Who's the ***?

"Destroy your husband and take everything away from him"..?

No wonder he filed for divorce.Ugh.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #748733

You are complaining about someone---an attorney---who lies, yet you admit you also lied and are thus no better. Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black, if you are old enough to recall this old saying. No sympathy here.

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